Please do not download all 3D models. Believe us You really do not need them all.
Take only what you need for your projects and works. The will be available always for free.

BelndFab Asset Manager
Originally made by Dawid Huczyński and modified by BlendFab creative team, the BlendFab Asset Manager will be good helper for you to use all options and benefits that are providing website.

3D models
You can use these 3D models in any way You want for Your projects and works. When using for commercial purposes reference the BlendFab, the Author and the source of 3D model or texture are mandatory.

Website content Approvals
All content that are provided in the website have received approvals from all our cooperation partners. Approvals have been provided for all of our 3D model collections and textures that are used in materials.

Any republishing or copy of content that are provided in the website are prohibited.  Republishing of content of the website is only allowed with the signed approval by LTD. “InDizains” and “BlendFab” owners.

If the 3D model or Material are used to create 3D visualization and / or 3D animations for non commercial use You do not need to credit the BlendFab or any other to BlendFab related companies or auhtors.
If Your 3D visualizations and / or 3D animations are used in commercial purposes to advertise Your comapny or to get a profit with the final work where have been used BlendFab website contained 3D models or Material assets, then this posts or this work must contain references or credits about the main source of used 3D models and / or Material assets, if they are used from BlendFab website.