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Advertise your products on BlendFab

We have five main spaces where you can place your adverts, commonly marked with text “Free space for your advert!”

Above the menu of 3D Asset Libraries

200 EUR Monthly

The advertisement is placed above the 3D Asset Libraries menu and this is the most visible advertisement place that ensures that your product will be shown on every page while the page visitor is using BlendFab 3D Asset Libraries.

The 3D Shop

100 EUR Monthly

Advertisement is always visible above the 3D Shop Categorie menu and can be shown also in-between the products.

The first-page entering 3D Asset Libraries

50 EUR Monthly

Advertisement is mostly viewed when page visitor enters the main page to start work with 3D Asset Libraries.

BlendFab FaceBook group “BlenderWolrd” announcements

100 EUR Monthly

Advertisement is placed as the announcement on our Facebook group “Blender World” which holds more than 11 000 followers.

BlendFab Advert Kit

300 EUR Monthly

You can choose our Advert Kit and place your ads on all available advert places with this major discount.