BlendFab Licensing

All graphic data information that can be found and is gathered on the BlendFab Online Asset Libraries, can also be found and downloaded all over the internet by any person individually.

When applying to the BlendFab Online Asset Libraries, the applier acknowledges that he is making a fee for the Synchronization process itself. BlendFab does not own or climb any Copyrights or any other owner’s rights for the content that is gathered in the BlendFab Online Asset Libraries. Anyone who is applying to the BlendFab Asset Libraries takes all and full responsibility to use Libraries content according to the Licenses provided.

Library content is Licensed under:
Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)
BlendFab Asset Sharing Agreements
Any other License type that is provided by a particular product manufacturer.

The BlendFab does not make mandatory for anyone to be Synchronized with BlendFab Online Asset Libraries.

BlendFab Team